Wednesday, 1 October 2014

How many Copyrights are involved in a Song or a VideoClip?

Often producing a song with some artist, this question is often given.
The answer is far away to be simple, because Copyright is quite articulated.
Many ones are just thinking about the Author Rights, which is part of the Copyright, but it's not all.

here I wanted just to write few lines about this very complex argument. I know it's required much ore, but here I just collect the basic information many Independent Artists need to know about. Thus only specific to that case.

In a song are involved Composers, Authors, but also Arrangers, Adapters Editors, Publishers and then also: Producers, Distributors etc.

Each part involved, has is own Copyright.

Composers and Authors own what is called Authorship, and they have their percentage of Copyright into the song.

But if an adapter and/or an arrange is involved, they get also their part, for the job they did.

Authors in a song, are also called Lyricist.

When a CD is bought by a client on a shop, or a song is downloaded via iTunes, the price the client pays, contains the Rights for everybody.

The Publisher/Editor, normally shares the 50% of the Rights and becomes the Copyright Holder (the manager of the Copyright), of one or more Composers/Authors of the song.
the remaining 50% is generally given or shared by the Composers/Authors/Arrangers/Adapters.

Who shares all the money, are Societies like SABAM, SIAE, SACEM, ASCAP, BMI etc

But recently, are introduced also other Rights: Performing and Production Rights.
The Producer own the 100% of the Production Rights, as well as the Performer

Those Rights are called Neighboring Rights, and they are called so, because not expressly foreseen in the International Copyright Law, but are agreements, and consequently: Laws, made by some Country. In Europe there is BeNeLux, Italy, France UK, and other ones, they recognize these Rights.

And there are Societies that are collecting and sharing these Rights. In Belgium is SIMIM for the Audio and IMAGIA for the Video/Film, both for Producers. There are also Societies that collects Rights for the Interpreters

Thus, as you can notice, in a Released Song, there are many Copyright Levels.

When you create a song, and you make a viceoclip that illustrates that song, other persons are entering in the scene of the Copyright.

The first is the Producer that owns the 100% of Production Rights.
Then there is the Director, the Filmmaker (Implementer), the Editor

All these persons are getting Author Rights from SABAM, SIAE, SACEM, ASCAP, BMI etc

Soundtrack Composers, don't perceive any Author Rights from the Video itself, but only from the soundtrack. Thus they don't own any percentage strictly related to the Footage.

Interpreters can, have some Neighboring Rights, if the Country in which they are, has agreements for this and the Interpreter is belonging to an Association for that purpose.

If you publish a tune on iTunes, Spotify etc, they take the 15-30% of the price.
Of the remaining 70-85%, the 30% goes to the Distributor (the collector that iTunes, Spotify etc, enable to upload your Tune)
The remaining part is shared with the Producer - Neighboring Rights - (which takes the 25-30%) and the rest goes to the Author Rights of Composer(s)/Autor(s)/Arranger(s)/Adapter(s)

I know it's very few cents, but the goal of these platform is to sell a big quantity of them, thus to get a lot of cents per song

As you can see, there is a lot to tell more about this argument, because due the so many persons involved, and so many Copyrights, the legislation thus the argument, is huge.
But this should hep to focus on what we, as Artists, need to roughly know about.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Covering Songs, Make a Videoclip and Copyright Law

I share this message because I think it can be helpful for many ones. Copyright, is a complex matter.
I've being reading tones of documents emitted by the EU Commission and even attended seminars.

In certain cases we have to deal with an enormous confusion, thus not black not white, created by attorneys, judgments, majors and now: by the network. Social networks are creating more haziness than some friend to the Pub!I include YouTUBE, Vimeo, Vube(ology) with what you find on their Policies, as well as many blogs related the argument.

Right, because in internet you can find a lot of information that are often not correct outdated or even based on nothing.

To solve this lack, I had an intense exchange of emails and calls with SABAM in Belgium, SIAE in Italy, but also with Majors and various Publishers in Belgium, Italy, France, the Netherlands and UK with the only goal to solve the issues related the production of Cover songs.

Why? Because many Artists want to produce and to publish Covers, in order to lead the attention also to their own production.

Which is legal and since the music world exists, it is used to do so. And I say "the music world" not only the pop and the 20th century, but since music is Market (thus much before Bach and Beethoven!)

Well, let's here discover what happens and in what manner you can be legal if you make a Cover and a Video related that cover.

Let's examine and see the main 4 definitions that are occurring in the Cover world and the main 5 definitions in the Music world that describe the role of the persons involved:-)

COMPOSER: Is the person that has composed the music: thus melodic line, and in many cases also the accompaniment (harmonization). He gets full Author Rights and owns the Copyright of the melodic line.If there are more than one composer, each one get a percentage of these Author Rights

AUTHOR: Is the person that has written the lyrics of the song. He full Author Rights and owns the Copyright of the Lyrics.If there are more than one Author, each one get a percentage of these Author Rights

ARRANGER: Is the person that provided instrumentation to the song written by the Composer. He gets minor Author Rights percentage, related to the specific arrangement of the Song

INTERPRETER: Is the person that physically executes the music or sing the song. He/she isn't entitled to any Author Rights.Eventually he/she gets the Neighboring Rights, which is something else, and not all the Countries in the world are complying to this. Indeed Neighboring Rights are not foreseen by Law (that's why the name "Neighboring") but are foreseen in Signed Agreement among some Country (I know for sure that BeNeLux, Italy and  UK they have them. Just go to look for other countries googling the argument).Those rights are NOT managed by SABAM, SIAE, GEMA? SACEM, BMI, ASCAP etc ...

PRODUCER: He/She is the Project Manager that leads the Product to the very end and put it on Market.He/She can also covers the roles of Mixer, Master etc. However He/She has the 100% of the Neighboring Rights for the Production (Master Rights).

Often all roles above are converging to one person, or a person can cover more roles at the same time

COVER SONG  Technically a Cover song is a song made by a 3rd party than the executor. Thus somebody else is singing and/or playing it rather than the original author.
Clearly speaking: under this point of view, technically each song that has an executor different from the original author/composer: is a cover!
In fact, it's considered "Cover" each song interpreted by any other interpreter rather than the one launched the song.

You have all the Rights to make a cover song, immediately after the original song is released to Market. Thus 1 second later you can do it.

No one in the World/Universe can forbid it.

Right, no one, even the Authors, cannot forbid it. AS FAR AS: 

The cover is 1:1 with the original song, which means:

- Not any arrangements are made

- No adaptations are made

- You don't change anything into the Lyrics

- You don't change the main architecture of the song (no changes in the rhythm/style for instance)
- You report the names of the Composer(s) Author(s) however Copyright Owners

Respecting all what above, you don't need any permission to produce the cover and no one in the World/Universe can forbid/deny you to make a Cover of a Song as above described on condition however (I repeat to underline) that you pay on the one hand the author's rights to SABAM, SACEM, GEMA, PRS, R.I.A.A., B.M.I. whatsoever Author Rights Society, and that you pay on the other hand the neighboring rights to the holders of the neighboring rights (contact the producer of the original recording).
In case you asked the permission to make the cover (process that's not required) and it was denied, you can ignore that denial because illegal

PAY ATTENTION: If ever a change is made, you need the written permission.Thus:  if you need to arrange, changing or adapting the Lyrics or the rhythm/mood of the song, you have to ask the written permission to the Composer/Author (in case they have:by their Publisher)

But you can lower or rise the pitch of the whole song to adapt it to the Singer and/or use different musical instruments, it is allowed without any written permission.

I.E. When I produced the video "INDIA DICHTBIJ", which is based on the Song "LACHT NOR MIJ", I got the written permission from the Author (Charissa Parassiadis) of the song to change the lyrics, and to put the new one, written by the Boys you see in the Clip.They don't get any Right. they left all the right to the original Author.

Another common use in Light Music, is to change the instrumentation used. This is allowed as far as not change harmony, Melodic Line, Words).

IN CASE you want to use the cover to produce any CD/Record/Cassette/File to be downloaded, thus selling, you need the permission of SABAM, SACEM, GEMA, PRS, R.I.A.A., B.M.I. whatsoever Author Rights Society, filling in the request for Mechanical rights. You also need the authorization of the holders (producers) of the neighboring rights (contact the producer of the original recording). If you are the Producer of the Cover, you don't need to ask to yourself :)
If you sell on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon etc, the Mechanical Rights are payed out by these platforms to SABAM, SIAE, GEMA SACEM etc etc. You don't need to pay upfront any mechanical Right, nor to inform these Societies,because they will get notices from the Companies.

First of all, this word is too general. Don't give for grant that with the word "VideoClip" you are clearly indicating that your video is illustrating the Covered song!It can be also that you want to show some advertising etc. It's called Videoclp as well!!

So, first lets see here the general rules, then we will focus on a specific case.

You can use the Cover song you make, strictly following the above parameters I wrote for the Cover songs, on your own footage/film/video clip (always made by you) on condition however that you pay on the one hand the author's rights to SABAM SACEM, GEMA, PRS, R.I.A.A., B.M.I. whatsoever Author Rights Society, and that you pay on the other hand the neighboring rights to the holders of the neighboring rights (contact the producer of the original recording) And you asked for the SYNC CLEARANCE to the Copyright Holders (generally the Publishers. If any, then directly Composers/Authors).

But about the SYNC CLEARANCE: what above is very general Now checking what a "Sync" is, we will see also a particular and important case, which is the one closed to many Artists

 With the word SYNC is intended:
- To take the very original piece of music/song or the Cover you made- Use the original piece of music/song or Cover of it in conjunction with a footage/film/clip made by you
To SYNC, you need the written permission of the Copyright Owner and of course to inform SABAM, SACEM, GEMA, PRS, R.I.A.A., B.M.I. whatsoever, and pay the author's rights to the copyright owner (contact the publisher or SABAM, SACEM, GEMA, PRS, R.I.A.A., B.M.I. whatsoever Author Rights Society) and the neighboring rights to the latter's holder (contact the producer of the original recording).

The SYNC can be forbidden by the Copyright Owner without giving any justification.

If the Composer(s)/Author(s) however Copyright Owner(s) are more than one, it's sufficient the denial of one of them, to make not possible the SYNC.

Here is the point:

If the VideocClip is ILLUSTRATING the Cover, thus it's related the content of the Cover, in an Artistic way and in which you are not creating Commerce with it (you are not promoting or selling any product contained into the VideoClip), then the SYNC CLEARANCE is NOT REQUIRED and cannot be denied as well!!
Of course can be denied if you are illustrating, I mean: trying to advertise, actions/ideas, against the Common Morality etc, like anything else.But if it's not that extremist case, no one can.

Thus the Sync Clearance is necessary ONLY if the work with the music, is a derivative work of it.But wanting to Cover (1:1) and to illustrate the Cover with your Footage, is not a Derivative work and NOT ANY SYNC CLEARANCE is required.

This is what I didn't fins clearly specified on YouTUBE/Vimeo/Vube(ology), any site's Policies! And it could help all of us. No one is coming to world "learned".

Avoid surreptitious advertising ..; thus if you show somebody that's drinking Beer, avoid to expose the brand of it.
If you show somebody playing some instrument avoid to show too much the brand of it, or of any other product.
It's however good, that when you finished your video or Cover, you submit it to the Publisher, to have an pinion related the 1:1 Covering and if the video, for some reason that must be declared if you specifically asks for, is not offending the Common Sense or the Moral.
No Publisher or Editor will insutl you for that. And you show you are Professional, even if you do it jsut for fun, Hobby etc ...
P.S. If I forgot some detail, or if you think I could express the concept in a better way (being not Native English) please just tell me, that I will rephrase properly


SuperMoon rational and physical observations against any psychological/emotional involvement ...

Only 14% larger than the normal Moon. It means that if you watch the moon with a Ruler, and the Moon it's 1cm large (which si not so far away, you can try it, at a certain distance from the eye, make the Moon cover 1cm of the ruler)), all what you see is that it's 1.4mm bigger than the normal 0.7mm per side! ... no human eye can perceive it ... not even compare it in case 2 Moons, one normal and one super, are closed together. It can, but after a long observation!

A Supermoon is also 30% brighter than the normal one ...
what does it mean? Is it really so noticeable?
Let see it together:

If it is 100% brighter (the double), in that case, it is 3dB brighter.
but the 30% it's just 0.3 times more brighter than the normal.

Thus if we assign to the normal, a brightness value of "1", the superMoon will be "1.3". 1+30% = 1.3 ... it means not 3dB but just 1.1 dB!!!
Which is humanly inappreciable/imperceptible. As far as we do't switch rapidly from the normal moon to the SuperMoon ... then a little bit is noticeable. but only on that way.

It is like to distinguish a lamp of 50cd against one of 65cd ... we can barely notice it and only if both lamps are closed to each other. Only on that case, we can see some small difference .. otherwise not at all.

So why you saw the Moon so brilliant? So big?
Just because each time the Moon is full and the sky clearit's brilliant and big.

Moreover no one can remember nor compare two full moon times, 30 days far away from each other, when the size and the brightness of 2 Moons at the same time present on sky, are almost not distinguishable from human eye.

Thus: suggestiveness due the newspapers and mediaplayed a big role to make you see what in the reality you don't perceive :)

A lesson to be more rational all the next time from now on ;)

Monday, 17 December 2012

What's a Podcast in the reality is?

Many months ago, I was strongly interested to understand what a "Podcast" is really, and what are the advantages for people to use it.

I start my researches and I'm ended up to what left me a little disappointed.
Indeed a Podcast is nothing else than a normal audio file in MP3 or WAV format, in which everybody can record what they want: music, words, etc.

Publishing this file into a website, it is listeneable by everybody.

Why am I disappointed?
Because it seems the "discovery of the warm water".

In other words, I was thinking a Podcast was something different from anything it was present on market till now.

I discovered that it is just a re-labeling of what is peresent om the market since decades! Making believe that now, everybody has the possibility to do it.

But even 10 years ago it was already !

Just a microphone (whatever mic on the market), a program (nothing special) wich saves in standard formats: MP3 or WAV or the more efficent: AAC.

So what's the difference between a generic AudioFile which contains your voice wich express your ideas and a Podcast? Nothing!

Let's see how a Podcast (audiofile) can be made now as well as 10 years ago:

Using free softwares as: Audacity it is possible to create any audio file.
Moreover in all the windows versions there is the famous "Sound Recorder" which is sufficient for most uses like the Podcast.

A normal microphone even the cheapest ones are sufficient (often the audio quality is due who use them, more due their economic value!) Thus, there is nothing new under the SunLight.

Just a new name which indicates very old features.

I thus lost the interest on Podcast as new technology or feature. But I use them like I already did in 1994 - 1996 on my first websites creating little "audio personal opinion" stuff tutorials, little audiobooks etc etc etc

The only one advantage is that nowaday, there are fantastic plug-ins for a website, which present you a reader rather than to download the file in order to listen to it.

But this feature (downloading the file) is also used today with the re-labeled audio files: Podcasts, because not always such beautiful plug-ins are workign properly in all browsers and/or platforms.

Now it's just a manner to propose you:
  • microphones
  • headsets
  • softwares
  • packs
  • etc

Just marketing built on old technology :-)

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How to create a "Vocoding" with Nuendo

A VOCODER (from VOice enCODER) works in a very simple way.
It takes a signal called CARRIER, that may be a constant one, or a variable (like the sound of a musical instrument) and modulates it in amplitude, with the electric signal generated by a voice.

The process is very similar to the AM Modulation in a Radio Transmitter, or more precisely, it is similar to a DSB (Double Side Band) or SSB (Single Side Band), because when the voice ceases, also the carrier is not available. Indeed the effect is made by a Balanced Modulator.

In other words, the envelope of the voice, modulate in intensity the Carrier. So that: if you're shouting, the carrier will be porweful, if you are whispering, the carrier will be soft and if you shut-up, the carrier will cease.

If as carrier you use a 50-100 Hz constant signal, the result you have, it is a robotic Voice.
That's very simple principle.

What I did with Nuendo?

I generated a .WAV signal, quite constant, creating the carrier.
A opened a second track and I recorded my voice that tells:"one two three vocoder")

At this point I opened the controls into the carrier's channel and I activated the automation R. So that it reads the position of a digital and automatic potentiometer.

Good. At this point I enhanced the view of the channels in order to see what I was doing

I just manually recreated (copied) the envelope of my voice, into the Potentiometer Control, reproducing quite closely the whole file "one two three vocoder".

At this point, I put in Play the Carrier's channel. As result of the envelope's modulation, "something comprehensible" was reproduced :-) And I got a robotized voice that was telling "one two three vocoder".

Because the carrier is suppressed, it is necessary to extract the extreme high frequency from the Coal Signal in order to rebuild some important consonant: dental consonant, like "s" and "t".
I extracted this spectrum and I added this to the "vocoded" track.

Here the example I created. i know the quality is not excellent, anyhow consider please that I did it manually ;)

Friday, 19 August 2011

For Musicians: how to behave and ... REQUEST OF PROFESSIONALISM

It's not only for musicians, but also for who activates a new activity as "promoter" in the music sector.
I would like to report here, what I found HERE. I found it very interesting and drammatically TRUE! Excpecially in a world where many many many bluffers are attending the market, damaging/obscuring the activity and the image of REAL Professionals.

moreover, there is a behavior to adapt and to change, byboth sides: Promoter/Producer etc and Artist!

I really hope the content of this Blog, will help you.

I'm sure I'm not violating any Copyright rule because I'm taking it from a public Blog, citing the Author, the Origin etc etc etc. And this is a public Blog as well.

The contained information are so clear and useful that I'd like to spread it out!

Anyway at the end there is some my comment. I expect your ones as well :)

New Rules For The Music Industry
(from the Blog of TUNECORE)

By George Howard & Jeff Price
(follow George on Twitter)


1) BE TRANSPARENT – No more hiding behind complex royalty calculations. Man up. Be honest. Provide clear and accurate accounting. The digital world makes it easier than ever to do this.

This applies to labels, distributors, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and anyone else you can think of. They can all be transparent if they choose to be. Right now they choose not to be.

2) PAY ON TIME! – No more artificial royalty accounting periods. Returns and co-ops are a thing of the past. Pay out and account on one way no return sales that you have been paid in the same month you get them.

The only reason to hold on to the money is to make bank interest on it. If this is what you are going to do, see #1, BE TRANSPARENT and tell artists you are doing this.

3) NO MORE SUGARCOATING AND HIDING REALITY – Seriously. Stop promising things you know you can’t deliver. Not everyone is going to be a star. Be honest, tell the truth,. Let the musician and artist know the realities of the market so they can have a better understand of what needs to be done to succeed or why things are not going the way they want them to.

4) ACKNOWLEDGE YOU WORK FOR THE ARTIST, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND – Without the artist none of us will have jobs. They are the ones with the talent. They create culture and write songs that have an impact on the world. They are allowing us to serve them, not the other way around. This philosophy and culture must permeate everything you do. Turn this industry from one that “exploits” the artist to one that serves the artist.

5) ONLY OFFER SERVICES YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO – No more asking for rights or income from things you can’t contribute towards. If you are a label and want more money from other areas (i.e. merchandise, songwriter income, gig income etc) you actually have to provide a service that does something to earn that right. There are others out there that are specialists in these areas, can you do what they can?

6) UNDERSTAND THE ARTIST NOW HAS CHOICE – Unlike the old days, artists can now succeed without you. Labels have gone from a “must have” to a “might need”. Be clear in what you have to offer and create a fair and equitable deal in exchange for the services you are offering.

7) COMMERCIAL RADIO AND MTV NO LONGER SINGULARLY BREAK BANDS – It used to be that print, commercial radio and MTV were the three ways to break a band, no longer. Fans themselves have this power via social networking. Find ways to speak to fans directly and don’t use a middleman. Empower and excite them and they will follow.


1) STOP ASKING FOR BIG ADVANCES – Understand that the economics of the business have changed for both the artists and the labels. The goal for artists and labels must be the same: create sustainable working relationships for both parties. Disproportionate advances only add tension (economic and otherwise) to an already tense dynamic. Create financial working relationships based on realistic expectations of ROI.

2) EDUCATE YOURSELF – It’s no longer acceptable (or charming) to be the un-informed artist who doesn’t know the difference between a mechanical royalty and a mechanic. You can’t claim that you’ve been taken advantage of by anyone at this point; the information you need is out there, and it’s not that hard to find. Learn it, once you have this knowledge you can then make informed decisions and decide if the other entity is doing its job. Not to mention, the labels etc already know this info and so should you.

3) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – Stating that there is any person or thing standing in the way of you and success is a cop out. No longer can you say, “If only my records were in stores, people would buy them,” or, “If only people could hear my music they would love it.” The gatekeepers have vanished; the gates are open…go through them.

4) TAKE ACTION – Waiting for a booking agent before you tour? Waiting for a producer before you make a recording? Waiting for a label before you distribute or promote your music? Guess what, someone else isn’t waiting for anyone, and he or she is leaving you in the dust. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

5) SELL – Get over the fact that you’re the artist, and asking people for money in exchange for your art is awkward. The reality is that if your work is good, people will want to compensate you for it. You must not only give them the opportunity to do so, but make it easy for them. Be clear and transparent, and tell your customers that your music is valuable, and that if they want to ensure that you are able to keep creating the music that they enjoy, that they must pay for it. Then give them a wide variety of things to buy at different prices.

6) GIVE WITHOUT ASKING FOR ANYTHING IN RETURN – It’s not all selling, of course, and we are all in this together. Look for ways to help other artists. Share information, share resources. This is not a zero-sum game; the overall pie can expand, and we will all benefit proportionately when it does.

7) DEMAND ANSWERS – if you don’t understand something, ask. If the person you ask can’t give you a clear, understandable answer then he or she is either clueless or trying to hide something. Demand a clear, understandable answer or walk away from the deal.

8) MARKETING DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL SUCCESS – The major labels spent hundreds of millions of dollars marketing and promoting bands. Only 2% of them succeeded, the other 98% were deemed failures. If marketing = success, they would have had a 100% hit ratio. The reason an artist succeeds is because the music caused reaction.

9) LEAD TIME FOR STREET DATES MATTER LESS – It’s not like the old days where you only had a limited time for prime real estate in a retail store and if the CDs did not sell they would be returned. In the new model you can release music today, and market later, with little detrimental impact.

10) IT’S ABOUT A CONSTANT STREAM OF MUSIC AND MEDIA, NOT A ONCE A YEAR ALBUM RELEASE ­ – The new world moves fast. The best strategy is to roll out songs, videos, pictures, blog postings, tweets and anything else you can think of on a constant basis. This keeps your fans engaged and stops you from losing momentum and going stale.

11) IT’S GLOBAL – The new music industry is a global one. At the click of a button your music is available to buy, share, stream and download around the world. Keep this in mind when you think about where your money is being held, generated and how to get it.

12) YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS – Music is not food, shelter or clothing, but everyone likes it and needs it. The music industry currently generates around $30 billion dollars a year. The entities and people getting this money is shifting from the legacy companies to you. Within another five years the collective power of you will be bigger than any of them. You have the power to change things, and you already are.

As just one example, in the past two years, TuneCore Artists have earned over $170 million in gross music sales and have sold over 400 million songs by paid download or stream. TuneCore Songwriters have earned over another $120 million dollars.

As you sell more, they sell less.

13) DEFINE YOUR GOALS – Know what it is you are tying to accomplish. Are you looking to be the next Vanilla Ice or just sell some music without touring? Is your goal corporate sponsorships or having others cover your songs? Whatever it may be, have a goal in mind and then work towards accomplishing that objective. With that one conquered, you can move on to the next.


It’s going to take work to make things happen. Either you need to do the work or you must hire someone else to do part, or all of it, for you. If you understand your rights, how money is made, and how much you should make, you can make educated decisions.

Got more rules? Post them here!


George Howard is the former president of Rykodisc. He currently advises numerous entertainment and non-entertainment firms and individuals. Additionally, he is the Executive Editor of Artists House Music and is a Professor and Executive in Residence in the college of Business Administration at Loyola, New Orleans. He is most easily found on Twitter at:



Some my thoughts:

"4) TAKE ACTION – Waiting for a booking agent before you tour? Waiting for a producer before you make a recording? Waiting for a label before you distribute or promote your music?  Guess what, someone else isn’t waiting for anyone, and he or she is leaving you in the dust.  The worst thing you can do is nothing."

really? Do we are Rockfeller ? (or, nowaday: Berlusconi ? :-)))) ) Where do you think is possible to get money without asking for them? In order to create a Tour? Perhaps in US certain things are working out fine and for free. Not at all in EU!
A Stage costs, the service: costs, the resources: cost, the taxes to make all things: cost ... everything is asking money and we have not such "factory" :-) so: we have not to ask what's necessary to make things ????

"5) SELL – Get over the fact that you’re the artist, and asking people for money in exchange for your art is awkward.  The reality is that if your work is good, people will want to compensate you for it. You must not only give them the opportunity to do so, but make it easy for them.  Be clear and transparent, and tell your customers that your music is valuable, and that if they want to ensure that you are able to keep creating the music that they enjoy, that they must pay for it. Then give them a wide variety of things to buy at different prices."

Wait a second: how many times you propose and they, at the end; don't pay at all even if it was excellent ? All the excuses are valid! As" we finished the money", "the budget is suddendly changed", "the grandma is in hospital", "I'm too busy now we will see each toher in one year!" (and then he/she disappears) etc etc etc. Is it due crisis? NOT AT ALL! Those kind of facts are  on the world since 25-30 years at least in EU. 

And the last:


That's the minimum required :)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Why to click on "I LIKE" to the Artistic Pages on FACEBOOK?

Well, I got several argumentation that has generated the title and the meaning of this topic.
Because many people, as me, once they get some friend in Facebook, they invite her to visit their Artistic Page (it's my case and the case of several other musicians), and to click the button "I LIKE".

Some people thinks (wrongly!) that it's to increase the "numbers of friends" in order to collect more and more.
But, as I said: it's wrong.
Some other just laughs because she's not clear the meaning of that.
Some other thinks that's a "psychological obligation" to click on "I LIKE", violating any "ego rules" (no-ones likes to have imposed something from somebody else ... ) and she refuses to do it.

I'm aware that in certain case this may be the true. But its not in all cases and it's not in the majority of the cases.

I'm going to explain something that's not very known, especially to who's not IT and/or doesn't pay attention to some details.

Who's Musician and/or Producer and/or Composer, 80% knows the existence of websites like Reverbnation and MySpace (even if this last one lists a lot of his popularity due: not requested improvements that damaged many sites and its very very slow download speed! Mortally slow!)

Well, a site like Reverbnation is much more useful and interesting for what concerns Artistic Activity, then it's chosen by many of them (me included).

It takes in consideration also the friends on MySpace, on Facbook. It has tools to send to all friends on FaceBook and MySpace notifications of events/ concerts/new CDs or MP3s etc etc etc ... bla bla bla ...


BUT there is a "BUT"!

With Facebook: a site like Reverbnation, literally IGNORES the friends!!! it doesn't care how many friends/colleagues you have!!
It really ignores any your effort, creating some difficulty more.

Is it the only one that behaves so? NOT AT ALL!!! It's very common use!!!

What it's caring is: how many friends of you clicked on "I LIKE" into your ARTISTIC PAGE.
Nothing else than this!

So that: if a friend of you likes your music, and would like to be updated by you when you give Concerts or new CDs etc, well ... in the reality she doesn't receive ANY notification, if she has clicked on "I LIKE" on the link of you posted in her Board or private Message!
Indeed, it doesn't count at all!!
She has to click on "I LIKE" INSIDE the Artistic Page linked by you! ...

It means:

FIRST click on the given link, visiting the page;
Listen to the music the Artist is proposing
If it's liked: she must click on the BUTTON "I LIKE" at the top of the page.

So that it's much easier for the Musician to write just a newsletter OR to insert into the Calendar the event/concert etc and automatically to notify to all the friends the event, without having the issue to replicate several times the same information everywhere.

The issue is: people they DON"T KNOW that: only the button should be clicked!!
Then what to do? To write each one a message long like this blog in order to try to explain the reasons? being sure that no one will fully read it ?
Or just indicating clearly to click on the BUTTON: I LIKE ?
The second one is the best.
Anyway everybody is enough adult to decide, afterwards, to click on I LIKE if they like really or not.
Thus: any complains about the indication given: is useless and time consuming.

If it's true that each e-mail produces several CO2, I ask myself why people managing these websites, obliges to replicate the same things several times, when with only 1 (one) click, it's possible to cheap a lot of CO2.

Byez -.-

Monday, 30 May 2011

Laser Harp

I saw this wonderful instrument the first time, played by Jean Michel Jarre.
With the years I became NewAge music composer, and I found a really great idea to play it.
In 2010 I started to looking for who, in the world, was really producing this instrument.

Browsing in Google, it was very difficult to find somebody.
The main reason: it is full of blogs of self-builders, or empty pages or some not well defined products that's looking like a toy.

As musician I needed something that's a product, that's an instrument with certain peculiarities that no links/website was offering.

Thus at that time there were not Laser Harps at all around the world, I mean: crafted ones by Companies that are selling it.

I was already to the point to give definitely up when at once, I found this site:

They are building and commercializing Laser Harps! Wow, it was what I was looking for.
I no wanted things from China, so I was looking who/what is Kromalaser. I discovered it's a Western European Company.

Ok, I was extremely wondered when I found it lies in Italy. God: we are talking the same language.
I contacted them in order to get more information about their Laser Harps, and they answered quickly and with all details.

For me, that's great. Because I finally found a Laser harp that's not a toy, and a company that's answering correctly, completely and without "turns of words".

I decided to get their littler model the KL-450.
It was delivered perfectly on time.
Once received I was amazed. This laser harp: compact, very portable, and rugged.
I opened it and the elegance and simplicity of the controls has astonished myself.

I started immediately to play in order to get some confidence with. Great!!
Just I connected my USB/MIDI Interface to the MIDI out of the Laser Harp, the other top of the USB cord to the PC, I started Kontakt, loaded the library of Jean Michel Jarre and I was already playing!

Being my career in the technical environment, I was very curious to watch how this instrument was made. I wrote to kromalaser asking if I could. Of course they informed me that the warranty goes to expire and I was risking my eyes with Lasers.

I worked with lasers in my life, to align optical systems (telescopes) so that I got some confidence, and about the warranty: I got the risk.
I opened the Laser Harp.
I was astonished! It seems it is made in Germany or Switzerland, so good the whole structure and circuitry is made!!!

I couldn't avoid to call kromalaser back expressing my congratulations. I clearly told them that my Warranty was expired but I wanted to see in what manner the interior was. And I was not touching anything else.
After the talk, the owner told me that if I really didn't touched anything, I could consider the warranty again valid.
I had care really do not touch anything: any trimmer, any mechanism.

I felt myself really well treated. My money where spent in a very good way.
The little bag in which the Laser harp is crafted, is very elegant and robust, internally it's very strong and can really resist to heavy duty.
No "kits" not "self-built" not any little box that flies away when you are sneezing.

After a while a friend came to my place to watch and test this jewel.
he went away with it!!! He just payed me the whole amount and went to his place with it :D

So that I had to buy another one!
The lasers of the kromalaser Laser Harp are in two colors and this is an invention of kromalaser. They wanted the Red beams for the chromatic notes and the green for the diatonic.
At least I can orient my self on :where I am when I'm playing.

Indeed, to have all the lasers green, I didn't liked at all. Nevertheless, this laser harp, can have also all lasers green and all red. It's just a setting that's very easy to be activated.

The kromalaser Laser Harp come with a little pedal board. GREAT! because all the toys I found in internet they have or some pushbutton here and there or "dip-switches"! gents! I need to play! Not to surgery a person! When I 'm on Stage aI need to find immediately the set-up.

Indeed with this Laser Harp, taking example from Guitar players that are working with Pedals in a very very very good manner (I'm guitarist as well! So I know what I'm telling!), I found that solution simply: GREAT !

Covering 6 Octaves, it is more than sufficient for my needs. NewAge music is centered on the three central octaves and I can play this Laser Harp of kromalaser very easily.

I opened a project and I will make a CD with it. I'm really enthusiast about this Laser Harp.
thank you kromalaser ;)

I know they invented in 2010 also an ILDA Controller in order to drive also all the Laser Projectors. It was named KL-ILDA, now they changed the name in KL-KONTROL and it follows the same philosophy of the KL-450. It's very good for DJs also. It will be my next step when I design big concerts in open space ;)

Monday, 6 December 2010

I sell my Music Scores

It was a suggestion from Susan Cabral, a Boston's artist.
She told me:"why you don't sell you music score ? You should do".
yes, it's true. In order to permit others to play my music.
The issue was: how ?
Because there are not so many websites where you can do something like that in a reliable way.

Well, I found one in Switzerland. It looks alike very serious one. I could publish my biography, I could publish my music scores that, with a very cheap price can be sold, I could add some picture made from my photographer friend: Sher Bahadur Chhantyal.

In other words, I started to publish them.
It's not an easy operation, because I have to prepare not only the score for the Conductor, but also each part for the Musicians.

From now on, you van find some of them here:, so that from now on you can start to play some my piece too :)
The other pieces will be available at soon I have time to create all the necessary .PDF

A Piano Reduction of SPRING TIME

Her background is Classical, so that it was quite easy for me to create something that can highlights the classical skill of the artist.

A professional pianist, Michael WITTOCX that at the present time is working as teacher in the Conservatory of Mechelen, played this reduction in order to detect points where it's to difficult or almost impossible to be played.
There was only one note that should me removed in order to avoid extreme difficulties and I did ;)

Well, after the registration and the necessary Copyright protection, I sent to her the music score, that it's also for sell at, so that she can rehears it and play in her concerts in U.S.

I'm really happy for that. The sensation you have when somebody plays something you have composed, it's very special.
Now I'm just curious and I will waiting for a video of the concert of course ;)

Thank you Susan ;)

ReverbNation website of Susan: CLICK HERE


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

How SPRING TIME is born

This piece is published now 09 June 2010 on but it was born two years ago.

The first version is the "reduction for piano and violin".
In the reality this is the "pure" version ... is the Big Orchestra version that's an arrangement I did.

Well, this piece has its own history.

I was in the third year of Violin class at the Conservatory of Mechelen ( my city ), and each three year, the exam is public. It means that also public can attend to it.
The request of my teacher was:"If you want, you can compose one of the pieces that you have to bring at your exam" ... WOW ... I did :) I just composed it with piano and afterwards I created the voicing for the violin

Recently, in 2010, having the Dolby Licensee's contract, I decided to create the arrangement for Big Orchestra and to use Dolby Pro Logic II in order to be decoded in Home Theatre systems ... giving back the real sound's horizon.

Dolby Pro Logic II, indeed, permits to stay compatible with normal analogue stereo ... that's why I realized the MP3 ... and at the same time, it carries-on the surround information. If you download this MP3 and you listen to it with a Home Theatre system, you will be submerged in the sound scene.

In the future, DVDs I will create with videoclips ( HD-DVD or BLUE RAYS ) will use, of course, Dolby Digital

Enjoy ;)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

A kid, a mom, a father and god

A kid asked to his mom:"Why do you are crying ?"
She answered:"Because I'm a woman"
Kid:"I don't understand"
His mom took him between her arms and told him:"And you can never understand ..."
Later on the kid asked to his father:"Whay mama is crying ?"
The father answered:"All women crying without a real reason"
That's what the father was able to answer to him.
When the kid became adult, asked to God:"Lord, why women cry so easily ?"
God answered:When I created the woman, she should be really special.
I gave her strong shoulders in order to be able to carry the whole wheight of the world ... They are also anought soft
to be confortable.
I gave her the strongness to doante the life, the force to accept the refuse often given her from her children.
I gave her the strongness in order to give ehr the possibility to go on even if all the others are giving up.
The energy to take care about her family without thinking to sickness and fatigue.
I gave her the sensibility to give lov to her children. An inconditioned love, even when tehy are huring her hardly.
I gave her the strongness to tollerate her husband with his own wiknesses and to stay aside him whithout give up.
Finally, I gave her tears ... to use when she feel the needs.
Look, the beautiness of a woman is not in her dresses nor in her face or in her hair ... the beautiness of a woman is inside her eyes. That's the door to her heart, the door where the Love is.
And often it's just with the tears that you can see goin on her heart"

Sunday, 18 April 2010

How my CD "KAREN" came out

KAREN has a real original Story. Perhaps not so original as you imagine, but for me it is always an original experience.
With this phrase I think I have redimentioned expectations :-D
I decided to share with you this little/big drama. Yes at the end it was a drama. It's not a grave drama or unsolvable one but it put in highlight certain strange scenarios.
First of all: who is KAREN ?
Yes "who" and not "what". She's a person I met some years ago ( at the end 2007 begining 2008 ).
Where ? And in what manner ?
This is the natural curiosity that's in you :)
Of course, those are the questions I have too, if I'm reading a story like this one.
"KAREN W. " ( the first letter of her familyname ) was just working in the same Company where I was working too. We had different tasks and different levels too.
One day, just due working coincidence, I met her.
What is happened then ?
Don't start to imagin Holliwood's scenes please :-)
I was not falling in love as you first have imagined :D I know you, I'm reading in your mind :) Please try to be superior and disconnect for a while yourself from the brainless-mass of hte rest of humankind ... ok ? Just for a while ... I should say: two-three minutes ;)
Well I looked her in her eyes directly as normally I do with persons, and I simply checked out something strange on her, something not common, something that should investigated.
That "something" I felt beautiful.
Once at home, in the evening, I got strange sensations ... I was thinking to her, to her eyes, to her face, to her delicate design.
I put her aside, and I continued my life for a while. But her "picture" was popping back up ... uhmm ...
In the days after this, there was the occasion to meet her for not-working reasons, just to have fun with companions. I just invited other employees together with her ( of the same Company ) to flight together ( I'm pilot of little airplanes: Cessnas ).
It was a beautiful December's days of 2007.
On that evening at home I had the same sensation I had the first time I met her.
Despiting normal human reactions, I'm always hypercritical towards myself as well as with the other and I asked myself:"Hey Tormy, are you falling in love with her ? Uhm That cannot, it's very clear that your world and her worlds are really faraway from eachother" ... but the answer to me without lying was:"No ... I'm not really falling in love with her, I just saw something in her mind, in her soul, is actracting me. It's not my intention to create with her anything, or to try with her anything" ... furthermore she has her boyfriend already and so on ... she has HER life ... so the word NO must be in practice. Perhaps the design of her eyes/mouth/nose, very fine as an Elf where actracting my attention, but from there on, to think to other kind of attraction(s): is another story. Not mine one for sure.
This was the true ... but while I was thinking this, I was working with my PC and some Synth program ... I start playing and I start getting the first melody out. At that point her picture was popping out strongly on my mind.
I thought she was just give me this, so I had to put it out definitely.
I start playing, just start playing, improvising ... and I created the full part 1 of KAREN ... in few minutes it was almost as you are listening to now from the CD.
Well, I start to work on it in order to get a final piece of music, when meanwhile I got another melody on my mind strong as well ... So I simply written on a piece of paper the first 4-5 notes ( just their names ) in order to avoid to forget it.
That evening I finished the first part but I decided to go ahead with the second part.
In the beginning I was thinking to create two songs, but afterwards I decided that it was more natural to put them together in only one song, divided in two sections.
The day after, I refinished the first part with my voice, some effects over and the drum and I started to create the scond part.
But those 4-5 notes were tell me something and nothing at the same time.
So that I wanted to create a background based on the chord sequence I had in mind and written on this paper, and I left my soul "go away with the guitar". Whatever I created: this was what she communicated so what I will get and work on it.
I took my guitar, I start the player and I recorded myself ... just improvisation ... what it was, just it was ... not matter wat.
I knew she is born in January, the 20th, and I knew that on that period, the major constellation in the sky is ORION. The most beautiful constallation ever existed.
I left my own mind to go away ... up there ... meanwhile I was playing without paying attention on what I was playing, in what manner and so on ... I just stopped when I felt to stop.
And the part 2 was created in this way ...
I finished it just balancing the level of the instruments among eachother and stop.
The other two days I was just thinking to this two pieces and I decided to make her a gift for her birthday. Indeed I started to compose in December around 17-20th and just a month later there was her B-Day.
So why not ? I was thinking it was an original gift.
Well, from that moment on I suspended to compose ... when few days later I had the same strong "presence of her" in my mind and it came the rest of the things in the same manner.
The huge work was to mount all the tracks together. Not because I had to find the ideas, but just technical job with a PC and a program that is everything ... except performing -.-
At this point I started with the artwork, the CD Label and so on.
Initially it was very different than the last one you can see in my Shop, but extremely similar in the concept.
Unfortunately, due technical reasons ( one technical and another: human .... this will see later on ), I couldn't publish the same original one in the Phycis release of the CD.
Anyway I wrote something to her into the orignal CD's Book-let. A phrase that sweetly and kindly, as with a delicate woman you have to act, tells her exactly waht was the situation. Of course: in romantic manner

"Dear Karen
The music that I here composed was inspirated to my heart by you.
Your smile, your look, your sweet aspect, gave this music to my soul. to sing the notes recorded on this CD.
Even if it was for only one day.
I have to thank you for this beautiful gift that you, with justyour been gave to me.
So that now I will give you these sounds, these creatures.
A flower has a duration of a moment. Music, when created with the heart, stays forever.
As forever this music is fully talking about you.
How's gone when I gave her the CD ?
Well, she thanks me a lot ... and from that moment on, she took huge distances from me.
Fantastic :) I thought that a person of 30-36 year was capable to clear out some doubts is coming on her mind.
But it's not so as I can see. I was wrong to think about her maturity then ?!
Well, I behaved always in kind way with her but I kept distance as well, I mean: without making a second CD for her :-))))
really ... but I mean it should be clear that this action is romantic. It's true. But it was not ment as "proposal" or even as "arrasement" ... just a perfect idiot can think even to the second hypothesis. Come-on ! How can I pretend to have something interesting for a woman that other men have not ! What do you think ? That I'm not able to evaluate this ? I have simply NOTHING ... so that why I had to be so idiot to try something with her ? ( as well as with another one ... the fact doesn't change )
From my side, it was just a GIFT ... as I told her:"you don't have to thank me ... just you communicated to me what there is into this CD ... I just put it out ... You have to thank yourself".
My words were TRUE ... no second meaning(s) AT ALL. What for a sick mind can think to second meaning when my message is clear: I don't feel anything else than friendship for you, I just FELT this music you suggested me and stop.
After some month, due this fucking economical crisis, the department I was directing was closed and they were constrained to fire personnel. I lost my job. ( Thank you US's financial multinationals for this crisis ! Fuck you up definitely ! )
Well, I lost her contacts except the one on but I don't use it for friendship businesses at all. I use it ONLY for Professional use. So that not any eMail for friendship will never ever start from there.
But one day, recently, I saw her in Facebook. Well I launched an invitation. Just to tell "hello".
Really as friend! What can I do with Facebook that she cannot lock and/or delete ?
But just so, as I can reach each one of you and simply greating him/her.
Well, not only she deleted the first one, but neither:"hallo" ...

Do I stink ?
Do I told her: listen I wanna fuck with you ?
Do I did anything bad ?
Do I did anything dust to her ?
Anything for sure from my side/intentions. Frankly talking I could clear out with written words the previous situation and perhaps misunderstanding, if her in Facebook had to remarks something about ... but definitely she cut all out. So in the reality I have only suspiciousness about her thoughts but no reasons. Not a REAL reason for such behavior.
I can understand that in her culture, in her country ( Belgium - West Vlaanderen ) where the majority are extremely materialist, such action it can be misanderstood. I mean: if I dedicate a CD with romantic words in a cover to a woman, she think: he wants to come to the bed with me.
But in MY culture and in the culture of several other Nations in the world, it stays a very romantic action but STOP.
If the man has other intentions, he will express them. Otherwise it means: it's just a special gift and don't think to other things.
Well, now I don't feel any music anymore when I think to her, and I deleted into the other releases of that CD the "sweet words" I written at that moment ( here the human reasons I was talking above, in the beginning ). But I feel just compassion for a little human been uncapable to communicate correctly with the others and the other cultures ( that's probably her culture, her environment ), except for only ONE single casual moment on her life ... when I looked into her eyes.
This is the "drama" accompanied "KAREN" so you can consider it a "melodrama" or better a drama described with Melody ;)
I seriously invite you to buy that CD because this Story is inside, expressed by the music ;)
P.S. perhaps she wanted I had to jump on her physically and doing sex sex sex sex ... that's why she's angry with me: I didn't :-D hahahahahahaha It's a joke of course :D but knowing the mentality here ... mmmmhhhhh ... strange one :D

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The CD making

Oh what a work on it. Of course to make an easy song and to produce an easy single it's better. Bot when you need to realize a Concept Album and you decide to record it in Dolby, well ... it's another story :)
I just got my album "Karen", that's a Concept Album I recorded initially in Stereo.
Well,I decided to transform it definitively in Dolby, because I'm a great supporter of 3D sound and pictures, so I asked and obtained licenses from Dolby Labs in San Fransisco and I started to realize this.
Well, few people knows that I'm working at my home, I don't have a superstudio or SSL consoles ( at the moment :D perhaps YOU as sponsor of me, will give me those things :D ) or NEVE or Neumann micros and so on.
But I think I have fantasy and I have creativity. I have not clue in what percentage, but surely I have enough to do these operations by myself. And I did them :D
Long long long operations are necessary in order to compile the interleaved file and to work on it especially when the computer is not a performing one with 8 processors and so on, but an old PIV with 1G RAM ... but ok ... every challenge is an occasion to learn more and more ...
I wanted just to point out those things in order to clear out that: inspiration ( the art of the Muse from who we have the word "Music" ), it's not necessarily passioned love or "the wanted to be together" ... but you know ... other people need to be guided through life's Law ... else tehy are not able to make correct distinguishes ;)
Anyway, I'm happy to see that my CD "KAREN" is up and running as I thought ... a bloody CD is now online in ... a dream came true :D
It's not the first work I realized in Dolby ... the real first one is my single "Concert voor Barbara" dedicated to a friend of me: Barbara Carpinelli.
Don't worry: she's not my girl friend and she will be never my girl friend .. not her and not Karen too ... this should be clear. They are beautiful girls inspired me to realize this musicwork.
But while Barbara knows very well this, she's a smart girl too, well Karen is always confused about ... just "normal belgian behavior" ... don't worry, I'm used to this deep-less manner to think, that here in Belgium certain persons have :) :) :)
In this case it's not an audio re-manipulation but it was really made assigning each source to the real horizon. The result is astonishing ... when you listen to it with the HOme Theater, despiting the encoding manner ( Dolby Pro Logic II or Dolby Digital if in DVD or Dolby MLP if in DVD-A ), not only the involvement of the listener and the realism is huge, but even the details of each instrument plaid in the Orchestra is enormously evident.
So that I decided to produce also other two singles:
  • "Onbestemde Melancholische Ziel" ( Melancholic Errant Soul )
  • "Fractaal Gefluister" ( Fractal Whisper )
with the same technology, and indeed the results are fantastic.
Then I definitely decided to re-mix my single "Tears" ... and now my whole CD "Karen"
The hours employed to work on them are a lot of, but the result pays back :)
The experience was so enthusiastic that from this moment on, I will never produce a "normal stereo" piece anymore.
Don't worry, all the mp3 you have available to purchase ( just 0.99 USD ! Come-on, don't tell me it's too much ;) ) coded in Dolby Pro Logic II, are fully compatible with Stereo.
Do you know one thing ? Well you can easily burn a CD with them and listen to it with your Home Theater ( the 99.9% of them are supporting Dolby Pro Logic II ) and you can enjoy
I hope you will share with me this experience too

Sunday, 26 October 2008

My Rig

Well I'm proud to show you my Rig that I use with my Guitars, Keyboard and other stuff.
In the reality it had some further improvement, because compressor side is doubled and patch bay consequently is seton the back.
From the upper part to own there are ( I will tell you the old and actual situation ):
  • Tuner BTR2000 behringer
  • Quad Compressor/Expander/Limiter/Noise Gate MDX4600 Behringer
  • Line6 POD XT Pro
  • Patch Bay PX3000 Behringer
  • Mixer 12 Channels RX1202FX Behringer
On rear side:
  • Power Light PL2000 Behringer
But now configuration is a little changed.Here the actual one from the upperside down:
  • Tuner BTR2000 behringer
  • Quad Compressor/Expander/Limiter/Noise Gate MDX4600 Behringer
  • Quad Compressor/Expander/Limiter/Noise Gate MDX4600 Behringer
  • Line6 POD XT Pro
  • Mixer 12 Channels RX1202FX Behringer
On rear side:
  • Patch Bay PX3000 Behringer
  • Patch Bay PX3000 Behringer
  • Power Light PL2000 Behringer
Here below a picture of the previous rear side:

And here some detail of the wiring ... just to show it :)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Mobile phones and Cancer

Well, how many times we were reading news about "radiation" emitted by mobile phones and their potential danger. I think a lot of time. So many times, that many people is worried about it.

But at the actual state of the research, there is not any evidence of damages caused by radiofrequency. There were in the market, also really funny ( and expensive ) objects that were blocking those radiations and saving the live of the persons.
Nobody knows why the communication between the mobile and the repeater was working anyway, with those stupid devices. Perhaps due "holy spirit", or simply: they are made to joke with us and to catch our money.
Well, our Sun is a star, and as Star, in order to survive, has processes of nuclear fusion in his own core, that produce all the energy that we see when we are watching the Sun itself. But there is a lot of energy more, that we are not able to watch: UV ray, and radio magnetic fields. They are so strong that you cannot even imagine it, if compared by a mobile phone.
Let me make an example. Just only with the sun-light, at 45° North or South, the Sun gives 1.2kW of energy. It means 1 200 Watts. A mobile phone reaches some milliwatt ( 1 milliwatt = 0.001W ). Supposing that our mobile works with 100 milliwatts ... and this is a common case when disturbed and or it reaches with fatigue the repeater. It transmits then with 0.1W. It means 1/12 000 of Sun's power in a square meter ! It means that in only ONE MINUTE of taking Sun during your holidays or simply walking on road, you take on yourself 12 000 mobile phones at the same time !
Are you death for this ? I don't think so. But you don't take only light over your skin. You got a lot of others electromagnetic waves, even to the same frequency of Mobile phones. The spectrum is extremely LARGE and POWERFUL. So that: why do you have to be scared about Mobile ? Why your mind, is so well driven by stupid mass media and not-scientific demonstration ?

Well, I remember that in italy, many years ago, there was a fake scientist ( but introduced from mass medias as: THE scientist ) . He wanted to demonstrate that Neurons, cultivated in vitro, were living less if exposed to a Mobile phone "radiation". Good for him. Those neurons were living only 20 minutes, he told and shown.

ONLY ???

of course people were believing in this experiment, but living 20 minutes in vitro exposed to the atmosphere, it's a HUGE TERM OF TIME for neurons in such conditions! So that at the end, they were surviving exceptionally for a long time, and they were dying not due the Mobile phone, but just because they couldn't survive further in those conditions. So, do not believe in such things. They are just to drive you crazy and create market, ONLY FUCKING MARKET, nothing else than this. Don't be stupid as they want you are. Watch out

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

LHC: Large Hadrons Collider

Is it finally the end of the World ? No I don't think so.
Large Hadrons Collider doesn't serve to destroy our planet. Sincerely talking: I don't know in what manner a simple Lawyer, was able to predict this bullshit, and I even cannot understand in what manner newspapers, radio and TV can give importance to this "man". But both, me and you, we now how stupidity in misinformation of mass-media there is in the world. Just it.

Well, this experiment, would like to split particles in very "little debries". Already we know Quarks, identified by exotic names, also because those particles ARE exotic themself. But substantially we have to know, we have to discover again: the dues of the Matter in our Universe.

Standard Model of Physics, makes guilty the Higgs's Boson for this. Well, the only one issue is that this particle, never was directly observed. Indirect observations just tend to confirm it's existence. But in science: something exists really when it's clearly identified. Higgs's Boson it's the responsible of the existence of the mass in our Universe, following our Theory.

I would like to find the one that justifies why Medias and certain idiots have not brain, but this is out of Standard Model I think.

Anyway, discovering the existence of this particle will give a sense to Standard Model, and if it there is not, it means that we have to redo something in Physics. But this is the research's Law.
This is the scope of humankind. Don't forget that you, me, all of us, we are just wasting time following our Mobile, our Portable PC, our interconnections, my blog :-) and so on.
Definitely we are not born to be slave of our products. Vice versa, we have to use our products to amplify our capability to understand WHY we are here. I use my blog to communicate to you and to give my ideas. You can answer to give feedback. This growth up each other.
But the aim is not the blog itself. It's the use; the scope of it, that makes or not sense. Who's making the scope ? WE ! Only WE are responsible of it.

Probably to the majority, this concept doesn't make any sense. Probably they just ignoring this, and they still thinking to Soccer, Baseball, Golf, Tennis and so on, or just business and so on.
But in the reality those activities should be just a vehicle for our life in order to get answers from our life itself. But we are so """intelligent""", so """smart""", that we are focusing us just to the other side of the question.

Coming back to this research that will be made with LHC, we need to discover if we are looking in the correct direction or not. Our future is based on it. Why ?
Well: what do you think about microprocessors and your PC ? They are alive thanks Physic's Law. But more specifically, they are alive for the Physic's Law that WE UNDERSTAND and WE DISCOVERED.

What does it means ? It means that: till now our understanding was enough to produce those processors, but we are not more able to proceed further, if certain things are not so well clear or cleared out.
We are not able to make any forecast that is not affected by huge amount of uncertainty.
So what do you think ? Do you think really that we are able to proceed further with technology, using sub-particles components, if we are not able to work on that space because there is a lack of information in the Physic's Modeling ?

Not at all. Suppose that we discover Standard Model is not correct. And suppose, just for a while, that this will bring new information to us. Suppose that thank to those new information, we'll are able to give powerful PCs to you, but not only this. Suppose we'll are able to interact in a better way with our Body for it's own health also, and that we will be able to travel from Earth to Jupiter or a nearest Solar System in few days instead of centuries, in order to get some more resources for our Civilization, or to discover something new about Energy, and so on and so on. Do you really refuse this ?

Not at all, and you know very well that's not science fiction. It's good, because a lot of things in the actual world, are due this kind of researches. Even if Standard Model is finally correct, than it's good for scientists, it will give new perspectives thanks to the fact that we can tune fine forecasts and consequently: applications in the """real world""".
I think you have appreciated not only the PCs evolution ( this was just a little example here to open this discussion ) but huge steps ahead in medicine, to take care about humane Health, in the renewable energy systems, just to try to avoid global collapse, reduction of CO2 and so on. Of course there are politicians after scientists, that decide what to do of/with us. But at least scientists are discovering new things to be better ( politics are discovering how to transform those things to be worse !!! )

So that welcome LHC. Accelerator of Hadrons. What are the hadrons ?. This strange name. It looks alike aliens' name. It's not so strange if you understand that it's a Greek word ADRĂ’S that identifies particles subjected to Strong Nuclear Force. As you now in Nature we have four fundamental forces as:

Weak Force
Strong Force

Ok Hadrons are subjected to the Strong Force. What is this ? In few and simple words, is the force that maintain Nuclei as they are. As you know, if you have particles with same polarity, they tend to push each other away. Nuclei structures are not possible under this condition. Strong Force is a field of energy, mediated by Gluons ( from the word: Glue ), that acts in this way:
the more particles tend to go far away from each other, the more they are attracted to each other. Fortunately for us this force exists.
This force acts on Quarks, that constitutes the heavy particles on Nuclei, but it's action field, is quite large to involve the entire particles them self.

Producing high energy collisions among those particles, we brake them in their fundamentals and we can eventually observe those "fundamentals". The problem is that the energy that we need is proportional to the energy that constitutes particle's mass field. It means that: for Higgs's Boson that has 200 Gev, about 3.5x10-25 kg, we need the same potential energy in order to discover it from particles collisions. It seems little ? yes ? Well, to reach this energy, we need a machine huge as the LHC to produce it. So what do you think now ? Do you still thinking that mass and energy constituting the mass itself is little ? :-) I think you are convinced that: in order to split particles in equivalent sub particles, collisions should be done at the same or more energy, required end forecast by Physic's Models. So that: if Physic's Models are correct, we will obtain the forecast results. Now I think it's clear.

Well, to reach a collision of such amount of energy, we need really exotic conditions. To accelerate particles above the half of speed light, we are looking their mass incrementation ( Theory of Relativity ). This augment is exponential, till it's required more energy than the one contained in our Universe, just to reach 100% of speed light.
In few words: it will be never possible to reach that amount of energy. Of course we can go closer and closer but never reach it. Look here. Just to accelerate hadrons at speed of about 99.99995% ( Am I right with decimal ? Sorry if not, but it's just to give you an idea ) of speed light, it's necessary to have LHC. If we would like to increment by 0.00001% we need another machine so huge and powerful that actually it's impossible to have one. And probably it will never be possible.

All these words to make you understand why a so huge machine. Of course to accelerate those particles, we need superconductor magnets, to cool down the relative environment approximately to absolute zero and so on. In other words: we have to approximate strongly the environment that there was when Universe was born. The principle is: same conditions same results.

Do we have just to confirm the Standard Model ?
Well, this is the main purpose, but other things can be confirmed or deleted.
We can discover Higgs's Boson so that consequently we will give an explanation of the Mass's origin
We can explain why different particles have different mass, electrical charge and so on.
We can discover something about Super Symmetry theories, Obscure Matter and so on and so on and so on. Probably we are making a step ahead toward the great Unification theory. In this case the doors of the Universe are opened. But still a question: Do we are mature enough for this ? Enough maturity is necessary upfront to reach a goal, or we have to consider that maturity is reached always after have reached the goal, due experience made ? Well if Chromodynamic is wrong, we will end our existence in a black-hole. But I think that Chromodynamic is NOT wrong at all, because all forecast of that Theory are respected. So that we will see what we will discover. Be prepared, because there is also the probability that we will not discover something.

Now, somebody is scared about potential little blackholes that can be generated by this machine. Even if there is this possibility, believe me: no one of this will be alive enough to eat the Earth. It's sufficient if I tell you that the average age of such black hole is just 10^-27 seconds ? What does it mean ? It means that this black hole will survive only: 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 1 seconds. This time is not sufficient to kill us.
Anyway, do you really feel yourself safe at home without this machine ? Do you ever thought that asteroids are not discoverable in time ? And even if they are discovered: nothing, I say again: NOTHING can avoid a collision with them, in case they are on Earth's track ?
Yes I know that some american told that: we have bombs and weapons. But this is not a scientist for sure OR he/she's lying. No weapons in the world are able to destroy an asteroid. Neither the atomic ones. Why ? Well: weapons use the force of the air moved by the explosion, to create damages. Even the atomic bomb, it's so powerful, because brings at high temperature the atmosphere and the rest it's just: thermodynamic. But in an environment where there is not any atmosphere, just a light flash and nothing than this can occur. So forget any defense. But there are other giant enemies in the Universe, so powerful, so unpredictable and so invisible, that you will never ever imagine.
Did you ever heard about Gamma Ray Bursts ? No ? Well. It's good for you. Now I'm gonna to explain with simple words, what is this. Gamma ray Bursts are the most intense emission of radiations that there are since the Big Bang ! They are generated during some Cosmic tragedy that follows a tragedy.
When a star explodes, as Supernova, it remains her Nucleo that starts to rotate rapidly, often creating a Pulsar ( PULSating stAR ) and in case she had the necessary quantity of mass ( Chandransekhar Limit ) her remains collapses in a black hole.
But there is a middle stage. Two Pulsars that are reciprocally attracted, can collapse against each other. Then they can reach the quantity of mass sufficient to collapse in a black hole. At that moment happens something so huge that's impossible to imagine. For physic's processes, the new body generated, emits a so strong burst of Gamma Ray in its Poles' direction, that if this beam intercepts our Earth, we will be fully destroyed in few minutes, and all the surface of our Earth will be fully sterilized ! But how far away those bodies are ? So that you are sure that we can be not so worried about ? Well, in the reality they are extremely far away from us. Billions of light years. But so powerful that this distance, has not importance: they will kill us anyway.
Upper atmosphere's layers will be totally destroyed ( Ozone free ), all the fatal radiations will reach the surface of our Earth, alter our chemistry and so on. How frequently do they happen ? Not so much frequently, but quite frequently to worry us about them too. We have not power to go against such phenomenon. Cosmic dangers are not finished or limited to those things, there are so many others that frankly talking: you cannot feel yourself sure, if closed in your home OR without LHC ! So: be less childish, do not believe to apocalyptic bullshits about LHC and look the life as it is trying to discover it more and more.

Well, to be on science fiction, try to imagine if we discover something unexpected. Typically, when you are trying to discover something that you forecast, what you will discover is not what you are looking for, but something else, completely different and so more important, that the first origin of the research is completely neglected. Suppose that we will discover how to open a wormhole. What hell is this now ? Wormhole, or scientifically talking: Einstein-Rose tunnel, is a shortcut in space-time continuum, that can connect two regions of space, in very short distance and time to travel on it, that normally are distant between them billions of light years. Have a look HERE in order to understand details.
In this case our concept of travels and discovers, will be totally upsided-down. Regions of space are connected at the same time, so that the clock time is the present. It means that in few minutes you can travel for billions of light years. But even there, suppose that we are able so far, to go somewhere else in the space. Suppose that we will are able to reach a distance of 300 light years from the Earth bringing with us a huge telescope ( as Hubble is ), and from up there, we can point that telescope toward the Earth. What do you think that telescope will be able to see ?
It will see the Earth, how it was 300 years ago !!! Because the light departed from the Earth, to reach that point, is departed 300 years before, bringing with itself all the information as they were.
In few words: we can attend directly to our ancient history looking in what manner really things gone !!! Do you have afraid to discover that many things in our books'history are altered or are totally false ? Then why do you study history ? Perhaps you are just studying fairy-tails, so that I think it's better for you to study the real history. What advantages, and what changes in the human culture if something like this happens ! Perhaps it's really more important than Higgs'boson.